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Camphor laurel Slabs

Here at empire we stock a wide range of slabs, we Specialise in camphor laurel slabs, whether you’re doing your own project or ordering a piece of custom piece furniture we will Guide you along the way,

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Camphor laurel slab sales

                          We stock over 250 slabs 

3.1m long 300mm to 450mm  wide camphor laurel slabs

  • $120 to $250
2m long 300mm to 450mm wide camphor laurel slabs
  • $60 to $150 

Levelled or unlevelled

Camphor laurel slab sales

 Levelled camphor laurel slabs and chopping board blanks 

$5 to $25 board blanks 

Camphor laurel slabs for sale Brisbane

we have over 20 dining tables slabs available 

  • 2.2m long 1200mm wide $550 to $600
  • 2.1m long 1000mm wide $450 to $500
  • 1.7m long 1000mm wide $300 to $400

Camphor laurel dining table sales for sale Brisbane